|||||| Comic Art CG Illust ver-2 for Windows
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Over 50 different example artworks from advanced artists.Example artwork that illustrate the CG process from start to finish.You can choose from a pen, aqueous brush, blur,airbrush and eraser tools to draw with, each with a unique set of features and options,Perfect for creating color artwork with CG. Even the most novice CG artists can use this program with ease.
CG illust ENGLISH version  
CG illust KOREAN version  
CG illust ENGLISH version
-Include Chinese User Guide
What you can do with CG-illust?
  1. You can draw in it with a tablet, simulating life like paper drawing.
  2. Color fills, gradient, blur, airbrush, aqueous brush, pens,erasers are all tools included within the program. Each tool can be fine adjusted as well.
  3. You can access our exclusive internet site and find artwork by other artists. Once you've downloaded their work, use the event play command to see how they drew there work, step by step!
  4. Use our exclusive internet site to upload your own work to display to the world.Make new friends with the same interests.
  5. 350 dpi high quality prints can be printed out on an optional color printer.
  6. Use the BMP file format to send your work to a print shop.
CG-illust package
  • System Requirements. OS=Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/XP
  • CPU=Pentium 200MHZ or above(400 Mhz preffered)
  • Memory=64 MB or above
  • Monitor=1024,768 pixel or above, 65536 colors or above
  • Tablet is recommended. Pressure sensitivity cannot be used with a mouse.
  • 32 bpp monitor recommended.
  • This set includes:Drawing with CG-illust instruction manual/CG-illust application ver 2 CD-ROM/User Resistration card
The CD-ROM includes 50 pieces of example arts, including the work displayed here. All artwork can be used with the event play command.
Copyrights 2001-2003 S.E. Inc. All right reserved Reproduction without permission is prohibited.