|||||| Deleter Comic Pen
  Maru-Pen Tip
It is good for drawing thin lines. Mainly used for drawing details such as hair, folds of cothes or th inside of pupils.
DELETER Maru-pen for 2 / NO.341-1002
DELETER Maru-pen for 10 / NO.341-1001
  G-Pen Tip
These are very elastic. Used for drawing main an effective lines such as flash line.
DELETER G-pen for 3 / NO.341-1004
DELETER G-pen for 10 / NO.341-1005
  Saji-Pen Tip
These are smooth and easy to draw all kinds of lines. The Saji-pen is also called The Tama-pen.
DELETER Saji-pen  for 3 / NO.341-1006
DELETER Saji-pen  for 10 / NO.341-1007
|||||| Deleter Pen Holder
You can use this for all Maru-pens, G-pens, Saji-pens(Tama-pens) and School-pens.
  DELETER Free Pen Holder
|||||| Tone Spatula
An specific spatula for rubbing screen.
  DELETER Tone Hera
|||||| Wooden Manekins
This is a doll for scketching all kinds of movements of human body. About 15 cm' mini size doll can be a great decoration for your desk.
  Wooden Manikin
Model Doll mini 15cm / No.321-4018
Model Doll Male 32cm / No.321-4010
Model Doll Female 32cm / No.321-4011
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