|||||| Comic Book Paper -PostCard Size
Use the most suitable 135kg quality paper. 50 sheets.
  Comic Book Paper  No.201-1001
   (size 135kg /plain / A6 for 50 papers)
postcard size photo
|||||| Sketch Book
There are 3 sizes, B5 an F3 sizes which are convinient for carrying in bags, and B6. Goo quality drawing paper.
  Deleter Sketchbook B6  No.201-1015
  Deleter Sketchbook B5  No.201-1013
  Deleter Sketchbook F3  No.201-1014
sketchbook photo
|||||| Clear Pack
You can see through this clear bag. It keeps away from moisture and dirt. Very useful for selling books, magazines, for covering your important manuscripts etc. 50 bags.
  Clear Pack/A5 size
  (#30x165x225+40mm) No.401-2001
  Clear Pack/A4 size
  (#30x225x310+40mm) No.401-2002
  Clear Pack/B5 size
  (#30x200x275+40mm) No.401-2003
  Clear Pack/B4 size
  (#30x270x380+40mm) No.401-2004
clearpack photo
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